Soon We will show Our signs in the horizons of the universe as well as within themselves so that the truth and authenticity of the Quran may be revealed to them.(Al-Fussilat verse 53)

All messengers prior to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) resorted to extraordinary “miracles” to provoke people’s engagement, awaken their conscience, and make them ponder and contemplate on their messages. Miracles have been, in fact, clear and conclusive evidence of the legitimacy of the mission of the prophets.

But the eternal miracle of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the Quran. Many verses of this book are miracles and the most substantial evidence of the legitimacy of the Prophet’s claim. According to the Quran, verses that mainly express the beautiful truths of the universe (the phenomena of our universe) are the miracles of this book. One of the essential categories of such verses are the oaths of the Quran, as the book itself says:

Verily, I swear by the landing positions of the stars. Surely, this is a great oath, if you could know. That this is indeed the noble Quran. (Al-Waqi’a verses 75-77)

Oaths are indeed the miracles that the Quran offers as proof of the validity of its claims presented in the verses following these oaths. Almost all of these miracles describe parts of the complex truths of the world of creation. The expression of these facts, apart from being miraculous, conveys the significance of the phenomena of the world of creation and the Quran’s call to ponder in these phenomena.

The documentary series titled “The Signs (Al-Ayat)” studies and describes the various events and phenomena of our universe depicted in the verses of the Quran. These series include:

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