The two-part documentary ‘The Other World’ examines the controversial and questionable phenomenon of ‘Ghiyamah’ and the Judgement Day. According to the Quran, the Day of Judgment is definite. However, in studying the Quran and the verses related to ‘Ghiyama,’ not only is the mystery of this extraordinary event not solved, but it confuses the individual. The first part of this documentary describes the world of creation, how it came into being and its final fate from a scientific perspective. Finally, it introduces the Quran’s perspective on the creation and eventual fate of the world of creation and how it differs from modern science’s perspective. The first part of the documentary, in fact, describes the event of ‘Ghiyamah’ in the language of the Quran, and the second part defines the characteristics of ‘Jannah’ (heaven) and ‘Jahannam’ (hell). Based on the most recent discoveries in physics and cosmology, this documentary provides an accurate and beautiful model of the events of ‘Ghiyamah’ and the Day of Judgement.

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