Although the name of this website is similar to many Islamic websites that study the relationship between the Qur’an and science, it is qualitatively and substantively different from all existing ones. The first and most crucial difference is that this website is non-religious. Therefore, all people concerned about discovering the truth of existence, regardless of their faith and belief, will find the contents of this website informative and instructive. The second difference is the scientific nature of the website. In other words, the information and content provided are valid within a scientific framework and adhere to all criteria of empirical sciences. Hence, the content of the website and the facts presented therein will appeal to everyone concerned about understanding the facts of the natural world and will find them valid and informative. The third difference is that unlike the existing websites, whose purpose and concern is to conform and adjust interpretations of the Qur’an’s text to discoveries made by Man in science, the purpose of this website is to discover the truths of existence inspired by the Qur’an’s text. In other words, this website’s purpose is similar to science’s, which is the result of human diligence to understand the truth.



However, the information presented here and that of science differ in their range of performance. Human sciences are restricted in their ability to discover the truths of the universe and are mostly limited to empirical sciences, such as physics and, to some extent, chemistry. On the contrary, the science presented here is not restricted to human sciences and includes all the facts of existence from past to present and future. Given this characteristic of the information provided, the website’s purpose is not to validate anyone’s ancestral beliefs or religion, not even that of the Muslims, but to discover the truth, even when dissimilar to or in dispute with one’s religious beliefs. Furthermore, the information provided strictly adheres to scientific standards of understanding the truth, albeit the Qur’an is its source of inspiration. And lastly, the purpose of this website is to present facts far beyond the reach of today’s science. Discovering the whole truth, which pertains to some branches of science, specifically life sciences and social sciences, the truth of the Hereafter, and …, are all beyond human comprehension and will remain unattainable for years, if not decades, without the help of the Qur’an.

A crucial point to note in this relationship is the common ground between science and religion, which is not only essential, yet, can be problematic at times. Both fields of knowledge claim to know the facts of our world and have asserted themselves as the ultimate roadmaps that can guide humans to a common goal. For example, science (psychology) and religion both claim to understand the nature of humans and their needs and have the ability to guide them through life and the perils they encounter. Today’s humans acknowledge that there is no escape from accepting science and its methods to achieve worldly goals. But, does religion have the right to interfere in these worldly affairs of human life and assert itself as a roadmap in guiding humans’ actions? Since religion was first introduced as a roadmap, it has been in an ongoing conflict with science, and this dispute will continue. This conflict has repeatedly turned into competition and enmity. Today science has gained the upper hand in most human societies, and religion has forever been removed from this scene. Will this be the fate of Islam? Given the state of most Islamic societies today, many Muslim experts and even ordinary people believe that Islam will eventually be removed from this scene of competition. The majority believes Islam should abandon its interference in worldly affairs and leave this matter to science; instead, Islam should retreat to its actual place, which is the heart of its followers. However, this conundrum will exist unless we fully acknowledge these two as two branches of knowledge. The book “The Relationship between Science and Religion” addresses this dilemma and many corresponding ones by carefully examining science and the Qur’an from this point of view by clearly clarifying the position and relationship between science and religion. Once this issue is resolved, the truth of religion, its place in humans’ life, and one’s justified expectations of religion are made clear.

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